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I contracted with Betterman Builders to help repair a sagging living room floor in my 90-year old house, and I have nothing but good things to say about the entire experience from the quality of work completed to the friendly conversation of the folks who did the repair. We moved here from Chicago about a year ago and bought our house because we love old homes. We knew it would take a little work to get it up to speed, but it has “good bones” as they say, so after getting what we thought was a very thorough inspection report (not through Betterman), we purchased the home and set to work bringing the home into the 21st Century. Unfortunately, our inspector had misjudged a sagging living room floor as a single failing basement jack, but when cracks started showing up in the plaster walls of the living room, it was obvious the issue was more substantial and would require an experienced contractor rather than a “handyman.” I contacted several contractors and found that getting a response from any of them was difficult. Getting them to do work in a crawlspace was nearly impossible. I had no idea so many grown men are afraid of the dark. And spiders. Apparently. At any rate, I finally got to Betterman through the recommendation of a friend and it was smooth sailing from there. Betterman Builders came out and took a look at the sagging and the cracks. They retained a structural engineer at no additional cost, (though probably they just felt sorry for me that our inspection report sucked so bad) and evaluated essentially the entire foundation of the house, which included a trip up to the attic to ensure that there wasn’t any evidence at the roof level of the house pulling apart. The care, attention, and thoroughness was not lost on me. After coming up with a diagnosis, Betterman worked with me to divide the project up into three parts (to make it more affordable). They finished the first part which addressed specifically the living room and we plan to address the remainder of the foundational issues over the next year or so. I found this company to be friendly, hardworking, and unusually knowledgeable about the quirks of old houses, which worked VERY well for my purposes. Perhaps most importantly, their work is quality, professional work completed by people who know what they are doing. No jerry-rigging. In addition to the floor, there are a few other projects we would like to do over the next several years and I’d imagine we’ll keep coming back to Betterman for that stuff. Finding a good contractor is like finding a good-fitting pair of jeans. Nearly impossible and priceless. Jane Stevens Hartsock—Foundation Repair

Betterman Builders is the best! I recently hired Betterman Builders to complete a project in a short amount of time due to another contractor’s error. I needed a complete bathroom remodel, wall replacement, and smaller home improvement projects to prepare my house for a new tenant. Not only did they provide a reasonable quote, the work was done professionally and quickly. The bathroom is beautiful and all of the work shows an attention to every detail. When the work was done, the house was cleaner than it was when the crew started!
I would hire Betterman Builders for any project I have, and recommend them to all my friends and family! Jessica Ballard Barnett—Bathroom Remodel